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Nikki's Story:

September 2011, I separated from my husband and January 2012, I filed for divorce. At this time, I weighed the most I had in my entire life, 303 pounds.

My best friend kept telling me to find a hobby, get out of the house, and do something for myself. She was previously an instructor at PoleKittens Fitness, so her suggestion was to start taking pole dancing classes. The first thought through my head was how am I going to take pole dancing classes I weigh over 300 pounds. I decided to look at the website and see what this PoleKittens Fitness was about and bonus there was a place I could email my questions.

I sent an email to see if there was a weight limit (because we know all fun things have a weight limit). When I received the email back I was surprised to see there was no weight limit, in fact the classes were taught in progression at your pace and you would never be asked to do something you weren't comfortable doing. Now I don't have an excuse not to sign up.

In November 2011, I signed up for the Pole 101 series, which was a four-week series that met every Tuesday for four weeks. The main reason I signed up was I wanted to get my confidence back. Taking that step and signing up for that class changed my life.

Fast forward two years later, I got much more than my confidence back. First and foremost I stuck to a workout for two years!!! I learned how to love my body no matter what I saw in the mirror, my self-esteem is higher than it ever has been, I have a wonderful new group of friends who are beyond supportive, I am stronger than I have ever been, I can walk in 6 inch platform big girl shoes, I figured out my only competitor is myself and to stop comparing myself to other people, I dance for myself, plus I can spin, climb, flip, and dance like a stripper.

Now go grab your big girl shoes and come dance with me. You will never regret it,

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