Fillers, Flow & FloorWork

Slink, Slide and Melt

Put on your sexiest big girl shoes because we’re going to turn down the lights and do some feet flirtin’. Learn how to slink and slide around the pole like the professionals. There are no spins, climbs or tricks taught in this class, instead, we focus on seductive filler moves and feeling the music. By slowing down each dance move, you’ll develop fluidity of motion, achieve proper muscle memory, and create your own dance style. Your body will make shapes you didn’t know it could! Who knew that feeling sleek and seductive could be so soothing?

what to wear: tank top, yoga pants or shorts with leg warmers
what to bring: bottled water, a hand towel and a yoga mat
footwear: 6 inch exotic dance heels with a strap or barefoot
prerequisite: level 3

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