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Your PoleKittens journey begins with Pole101, a mandatory 4-week introductory class where you will attain mastery over the foundations of pole dancing. You will learn to safely navigate the pole, the fundamental movements of sensual dance and learn a sultry, sexy AlphaKittens routine.

You will then advance to the next level, working your way up the PoleKittens ladder on your way to becoming a true AlphaKitten. Each class in the PoleKittens Series is 4 weeks in length* and follows our carefully-crafted curriculum. Building on the skills attained in previous classes, your body will better retain movement and develop muscle memory. What’s more, with each subsequent class, you’ll begin to shape your own unique sensual style.

*When you’re ready to advance to the next level, one of our experienced instructors will give you the go-ahead. While some students will advance faster than others, PoleKittens is not a race or competition. PoleKittens is about enjoying your journey, embracing your body, and celebrating yourself. For students interested in gaining more studio time in which to practice and perfect their skills, our Anytime Classes are an ideal solution.

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Anytime Classes

Is a once-weekly class not quenching your thirst for PoleKittens? Are you looking to supplement your PoleKittens Series class, trying to advance your skills more quickly, or simply striving to get more “me” time?

cross knee releaseOur Anytime Classes were created especially for you! These drop-in classes are designed to get you the extra studio time you crave while working within your busy schedule.


Sample Intermediate (level 5) Routine

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