Pole 101 (Pole Basics)

If you’ve never touched a pole before, this class is perfect for you!

Learn how to pole dance from Cincinnati's most experienced instructors in just four weeks! In this mandatory foundation class, you’ll learn ...

  • training heelsPole safety – there are certain precautions and correct ways to use the pole.
  • Proper body alignment and pole grips – you’ll make all of your future pole movements based on these techniques.
  • The AlphaKitten Method® starter routine - you’ll continue this routine in your next session.

Learn at your own pace – This session is specifically designed for beginners and is all about discovery! After you sink your Kitten claws into our Pole 101, you’ll be ready for a new, sexier way to exercise!

what to wear: short sleeve shirt or tank top with yoga pants or shorts with leg warmers
what to bring: bottled water, a hand towel and a yoga mat
footwear: 6 inch exotic dance heels or barefoot
prerequisite: none, this class is suitable for everyone!
cost: 100.00 (classes only)
cost: 120.00 and your sexy training heels are included!
Sign up for Pole 101 [here]

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