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Sherrie began taking pole dancing classes at Pole Kittens in 2006 as a form of exercise. She wanted to be able to perform the most challenging tricks, so she began to weight train. V was so impressed by Sherrie’s skills that she was invited to become an instructor.

Watching a student perfect a move with which she was struggling, Sherrie says, is the best part of her job.


[accordion] [section name="How old are you?"]49.[/section] [section name="What's your day job?"]Nurse[/section] [section name="When did you you start coming to PoleKittens?"]May 2006[/section] [section name="What is your favorite move?"]The Jade.[/section] [section name="What is your go-to combo?"]shoulder mount/ superman/ scorpio[/section] [section name="What is your pole song of the moment?"]I’m a Man of Stone  by  The Toadies...[/section] [section name="What is your current nemesis?"]The kneehold.[/section][/accordion]

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