Studio Policies

How to Sign Up
In order to schedule a class, you must pay online through your Polekittens account. We do not accept reservations without payment. Create an account [link] to schedule a class.

Do not be late to class. Once the warm-up is completed, you will not be allowed to partake in the class. You will be turned away and your class payment will not be refunded. Not only is tardiness disruptive, but it is a safety issue.

Cancellations and Rescheduling
All cancellations must be made 24hours prior to class for your payment to be transferable. If it is not made within 24 hours prior to class, your payment is forfeited.

Schedule Changes and Modifications
The PoleKittens Fitness schedule is subject to change without notice. Changes will most likely only happen in the event of an emergency. Other schedule changes or modifications for the week are posted on our calendar [link].

All payments are non-refundable; however, all class payments are transferable with 24-hour notice.

Class Package Expirations
Class packages will not be accepted after expiration. Your class packages are valid for one year (12 months) from the date of purchase.

Guests and Class Observation
We do not allow guests or observers at our studio. If you would like someone to be at class with you, they must be scheduled for the class. We strictly uphold the privacy of our clients.

Our studio is closed for most holidays. Refer to our calendar [link] for modified schedule.

Cell Phones
Please turn off your phones or put them on vibrate during class. Please do not answer your cell phone during class, unless it is an emergency.

Photography and Videos
Polekittens Fitness does not allow any video taping or photographing of its instructors or lessons. However, you are more than welcome to take still pictures and videotape your individual performances.

Food and Alcohol
We do not allow food or alcohol in our studio. If you appear to be intoxicated you may be asked to sit out and only observe the session with no refund given.

Minors/ Age Limits
Due to liability reasons, everyone must be 18 - no exceptions.

*Policies and procedures subject to change at the owner’s discretion.


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