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When I started the ECDD series in early November, I was just looking to maintain & hopefully even lose weight through the holiday season. I set a moderate goal because hey, who doesn't gain a few pounds during Christmas? But after starting the series & becoming more cognizant of the food I was eating, the food choices I was making became more of a lifestyle change than a simple diet. Straightforward meal plans and recipes in addition to quick workouts I can do in my living room added to the ease of making and maintaining this change.

I have more energy, feel better overall, and hit my goal way sooner than expected! Who else can say they survived Thanksgiving dinner, holiday cookies, and Christmas parties & still managed to lose 10 lbs? Since then, I've continued to build on this progress, upped my weight loss goal, and learned even more about eating clean (and dancing dirty)!
"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake!"