Lead Instructor

V at 200PoleKittens founder Victoria "V" Lore is confident that women of all ages, weights, fitness and experience levels can master the art of pole dancing and learn to unleash their inner-kittens. How can she be so sure? Because she’s done it herself, and helped countless others do the same.

At age 39, as happens to many women, V’s metabolism slowed and she found herself carrying 200 pounds on her 5’3” frame. Though she had no prior pole dancing experience, V was drawn to the practice, and began incorporating authentic pole and exotic dance into her daily routine. As the pounds dropped off (nearly 80 in all), V began developing what would later become known as the AlphaKitten Method, an award-winning, meticulously designed curriculum that builds upon skill, strength, muscle memory, and the retention of movement, to help women leverage physical and emotional capabilities beyond what they thought possible.

V restingV’s approachable teaching style enables her to reach any student who walks through PoleKittens’ red door. She meets students where they are and excels at breaking down skills for easier acquisition, troubleshooting moves more experienced clients just can’t perfect on their own and instilling an overwhelming sense of confidence in each student. The proof is evident in PoleKittens’ wildly diverse, accomplished clientele. While women from all walks of life have found success at PoleKittens, many of V’s strongest dancers, both physically and technically, are suburban moms over the age of 40!

V looks forward to guiding you on your pole dancing journey and marveling as you transform into a sexier, more skillful, confident version of yourself.


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