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Founder Victoria "V" Lore lost more than 70 pounds by pole dancing. She wanted to share her success, so she created the AlphaKitten Method® to help other women feel sexy and shed pounds. Her friendly and professional staff of AlphaKitten Method® certified instructors has trained for years to give the best pole workouts, pole dances, and pole parties that Cincinnati has to offer.

We pride ourselves on our small class sizes. You receive personalized instruction to meet your individual needs. You progress at your own rate, aided by our incredibly patient instructors' skillful troubleshooting. At PoleKittens, the longest running pole studio in the Tri-state area, the emphasis is on the student, not the instructor. Because we know that muscle memory is gained by doing, not just by watching an instructor. Keeping our classes small allows us to move you at your own pace, instead of taking the cookie cutter approach that assumes all students have the same strengths and weaknesses.

In our many years of operation, safety has always been our #1 concern. Let our experience guide you to be the best you can be. Remember, strength is sexy!

*A special note about our instructors: Our instructors are carefully selected from our most advanced and experienced students. Thorough training ensures that your instructor has a solid background in pole and sensual movement before beginning her apprenticeship in the AlphaKitten Method®. Because your safety is our main concern, our PoleFit instructors undergo rigorous training and a 12-month minimum supervised teaching experience before teaching unassisted.

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