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Jenna has been taking pole lessons since 2009 and started teaching in 2010. She moved back into the area in 2011 with her 1 yr old daughter and husband. and found a family with Polekittens. After 14 years of dance training, pole allows her a more "grown up" way of expressing herself. Teaching pole dancing has been a passion of hers since she started. She loves having her students leave her class walking taller because they are more confident in their own skin.



[headline size="small" align="center" color="993300"]Instructor Q&A[/headline][accordion] [section name="How old are you?"]29.[/section] [section name="What's your day job?"]Mom[/section] [section name="When did you you start coming to PoleKittens?"]January 2011[/section] [section name="What is your favorite move?"]Rockstar Spin[/section] [section name="What is your go-to combo?"]Anything Floorwork![/section] [section name="What is your pole song of the moment?"]Billie Jean  by  Chris Cornell[/section] [section name="What is your current nemesis?"]The kneehold.[/section][/accordion]

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