Let’s talk about that dress hanging in your closet...

You know the one. We all have one.

I’m talking about that dress that doesn’t fit. Maybe it used to fit but it no longer does. You keep it in the back of your closet with the hope that one day you’ll be able to slip into it again. Or maybe it’s a dress you bought as inspiration, thinking one day you’d lose enough weight to wear it. In either case, that “one day” never came.

That’s all about to change.

Today is your “one day.”


What makes The Little Black Dress Challenge Different?

The Little Black Dress Challenge is a step-by-step 6-week transformation program for women that will get you not only wearing that dress, but owning it!

Our program includes a clean meal plan, fat-torching workouts, empowering sensual dance tutorials and daily inspirational emails chock full of tips to get you eating clean and dancing dirty!

Combined with the support of fellow LBD participants, our program seamlessly fits into your busy lifestyle. You’ll lose weight, equip yourself with knowledge to make healthy choices, make new friends and carve out a little quality me-time…and you’ll relish every minute!

At the end of your transformation, you and your LBD cohorts will bring down the house celebrating your victory. Donning “that dress”, we will celebrate your “one day” during a badass Girls’ Night that will be one for the books!

The Little Black Dress Meal Plan

Our motto is “Eat Clean and Dance Dirty” for a reason! Our clean, whole foods meal plan is designed to cleanse and detoxify your body, transforming it into a toned, sleek, fat-burning machine that will easily slip into your dress by the program’s end. You’ll kick the sugar cravings, stoke your metabolism and experience better sleep and the increased energy you need to balance your busy life.

• The Eat Clean & Dance Dirty Recipe Book, full of quick and easy recipes that get results and taste delicious!
• 42 Days of Weekly Meal Plans 
• Weekly Print-and-Go Grocery Lists (because ain’t no one got time for that!) 
• Complete Food Exchange Lists… so you can swap for the foods you love and never feel deprived 

Our Signature Workouts

Our workouts are designed to maximize your fat-burning power even while you sleep! You will tighten tone and sculpt those areas commonly troublesome to women. You’ll eliminate stubborn fat, experience increased energy and build the lean, sexy muscle your body needs to burn fat around the clock.

And because you’ve gotten the “Eat Clean” part down, it’s time to “Dance Dirty!” In addition to your at-home workouts, you’ll also receive weekly studio classes to get in touch with your inner vixen and work that new physique, all while burning calories and having fun!


• POLE 101
• High Heel 101 workshop

The Little Black Dress Challenge Daily Dose

A daily dose of inspiration straight to your inbox! Here you’ll get inspiration, motivation, tips and tricks perfectly synced with your transformation. Start each day with renewed motivation and arm yourself with results-driven tools to stash in your healthy-lifestyle arsenal.

Accountability and Support

Kittens never run alone! The LBD challenge has all the resources you’ll need to stay motivated and on track.

Face it; the reason that dress doesn’t fit is because with diets we inevitably fall off the wagon. Diets are designed to fail.

Kittens don’t do “diets”. Kittens make lifestyle changes—and those changes take support. Lots of it. That’s why we are here to answer questions, provide guidance and talk you off the ledge when that bag of chips is calling your name.

We’ve also created a Secret Facebook Group for all our LBD members where you’ll be able to share struggles, celebrate achievements, get answers to questions and remain accountable. Your girls will have your back the entire time!

And the Cherry on Top… Kittens’ Night Out!

To conclude your commitment to the Little Black Dress Project and kickoff your commitment to lifelong health, we will celebrate your achievements in an epic Kittens Night Out! Today is your “one day”! You and your fellow LBDers will “Eat Clean and Dance Dirty” in that dress you earned the right to wear. And by the end of this program, you’ll not only fit into the dress, YOU WILL EFFN ROCK IT!