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The Course that Victoria designed is extraordinary and exceeded my expectations as a participant. I went in to this course just hoping to lose some weight and learn some new dances, I have gotten so much more from this course! This course has taught me to cook and eat delicious healthy food. It is also working to help me have a better relationship with food vs. emotional/stress eating.

Another component of this class that is priceless in my opinion, is the confidence and the gratitude portion that you get from journaling and the optional books that V recommends. The support that you get from V and fellow participants helps you to stay on track. I have not been perfect with this challenge, but still lost weight. V is so supportive and motivates you to focus on your successes with the program versus yours "mess ups"! Her unconditional acceptance of your efforts during the process encourages you to not give up on yourself.

Ladies, I strongly recommend you take this course, the investment in yourself is worth it!