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I’ve never been into diet or fitness. For most of my life that wasn’t a problem – until I hit my 40’s. The pounds piled on & I knew I was horribly out of shape. I was always intimidated by gyms & fitness classes. Some folks would probably call my pickiness "extreme" when it comes to food – and that made every diet out of the question for me. But I knew I had to do something though. Then I ran across the LBD Challenge on Facebook. It piqued my interest & thought “Hey, why not?!?” If I can do this, anyone can!

The weekly grocery list & meal planner are great. I’ve tried new things (some I liked a lot, some not so much). It has really opened my eyes as to what I actually put in my mouth. I’ve made some long-term changes in my food choices. The class itself is great – not only do I get a full workout, it’s fun & different too! There’s no judgement, no berating me for not being able to do everything on the first (or twelfth) try. Only encouragement & empowerment! And the support is amazing! The class is a time for us all to come together to talk about struggles & how to overcome them.

There is a private Facebook group that is truly wonderful. We cheer each other on, share tips & hold each other accountable – we also post challenges we are having to get help. The daily emails keep me on track & the “homework” of journaling & reading reinforce the whole program. My clothes are loose & that makes me smile. But what really makes me happy is that I have SO much more energy. I’m sleeping better at night & wake up refreshed & raring to go! Yes, I have lost pounds & inches but I have gained confidence, energy & some killer sexy moves.

I feel better – inside & out! Thanks, V!