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This program could not have come at a better time for me. Everything it is comprised of is what I needed to get back to me!

I've had Thyroid problems for almost 5 years in May, 2015 my thyroid was finally removed. I saw my doctor the first week of December and she says, "There is something different about you, you seem confident." I was wearing my "backpack". She also gave me the good news that my TSH, T4, and T3 levels were finally in normal range for the first time in years! I attribute this and lesser anxiety to the meal plans, recipes, and workouts.I thought I ate healthy before, I didn't. After having the meal plans, grocery list, and the Eat Clean Dance Dirty recipe book, I have variety and knowledge in my diet. I value my food and I appreciate the time it takes to cook. Which was a huge change for me because I didn't cook before.

The Pole! One of the most freeing experiences! You get to be sexy and learn how to be sexy! I loved learning how to work a pole. Learning the basics of pole 101 and the routines gave me my Swag and made me fall in love with this place.

I'm continuing with level 2 in January and with the new lifestyle changes! With all the tools you are given and staying dedicated its almost fail proof! This was one of the best damn investments I ever made!

Thanks for everything, Victoria.