3-Button Striptease Workshop

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Need to spice up your love life? Want to learn some sexy, new moves? 

Sweetest Day is just around the corner. This year, give him a gift that he will NEVER forget! You'll learn how to strip out of a man's shirt and perform a lap dance that’ll have your special someone weak at the knees. This routine has a "WOW" finish and is easily customizable to your favorite song.

*You’ll be practicing your routine on a fellow classmate, so you may want to sign up with a friend.

what to wear: man's over-sized button up shirt, tank top, yoga pants or shorts with leg warmers

what to bring: bottled water and a hand towel
footwear: 6 inch platform, open-toed heels with an ankle strap or barefoot
next workshop: Friday, September 18th at 7:00pm

Sign up for the 3-Button Striptease Workshop [here]