I’ve never been into diet or fitness. For most of my life that wasn’t a problem – until I hit my 40’s.

The pounds piled on & I knew I was horribly out of shape. I was always intimidated by gyms & fitness classes. Some folks would probably call my pickiness "extreme" when it comes to food – and that made every diet out of the question for me. But I knew I had to do something though. Then I ran across the LBD Challenge on Facebook. It piqued my interest & thought “Hey, why not?!?” If I can do this, anyone can!

The weekly grocery list & meal planner are great. I’ve tried new things (some I liked a lot, some not so much). It has really opened my eyes as to what I actually put in my mouth. I’ve made some long-term changes in my food choices. The class itself is great – not only do I get a full workout, it’s fun & different too! There’s no judgement, no berating me for not being able to do everything on the first (or twelfth) try. Only encouragement & empowerment! And the support is amazing! The class is a time for us all to come together to talk about struggles & how to overcome them.

There is a private Facebook group that is truly wonderful. We cheer each other on, share tips & hold each other accountable – we also post challenges we are having to get help. The daily emails keep me on track & the “homework” of journaling & reading reinforce the whole program. My clothes are loose & that makes me smile. But what really makes me happy is that I have SO much more energy. I’m sleeping better at night & wake up refreshed & raring to go! Yes, I have lost pounds & inches but I have gained confidence, energy & some killer sexy moves.

I feel better – inside & out! Thanks, V!

Jennie - Executive Director of a non-profit agency , age 46

TJ TestimonialThis program could not have come at a better time for me. Everything it is comprised of is what I needed to get back to me!

I've had Thyroid problems for almost 5 years in May, 2015 my thyroid was finally removed. I saw my doctor the first week of December and she says, "There is something different about you, you seem confident." I was wearing my "backpack". She also gave me the good news that my TSH, T4, and T3 levels were finally in normal range for the first time in years! I attribute this and lesser anxiety to the meal plans, recipes, and workouts!

I wasn't expecting the class to be a total lifestyle change. The journaling, the meal plan and the recipe book were all keys to success. I thought I ate healthy before, I didn't. After having the meal plans, grocery list, and the Eat Clean Dance Dirty recipe book, I have variety and knowledge in my diet. I value my food and I appreciate the time it takes to cook. Which was a huge change for me because I didn't cook before.

The Pole! One of the most freeing experiences! You get to be sexy and learn how to be sexy! I loved learning how to work a pole. Learning the basics of pole 101 and the routines gave me my Swag and made me fall in love with this place.

I'm continuing with level 2 in January and with the new lifestyle changes! With all the tools you are given and staying dedicated its almost fail proof! This was one of the best damn investments I ever made!

Thanks for everything, Victoria.

Tyesha - Finance, age 27
brittaney-testimonialWhen I started the Six Weeks to Sexy series in early November, I was just looking to maintain & hopefully even lose weight through the holiday season. I set a moderate goal because hey, who doesn't gain a few pounds during Christmas? But after starting the series & becoming more cognizant of the food I was eating, the food choices I was making became more of a lifestyle change than a simple diet. Straightforward meal plans and recipes in addition to quick workouts I can do in my living room added to the ease of making and maintaining this change.
I have more energy, feel better overall, and hit my goal way sooner than expected! Who else can say they survived Thanksgiving dinner, holiday cookies, and Christmas parties & still managed to lose 10 lbs? Since then, I've continued to build on this progress, upped my weight loss goal, and learned even more about eating clean (and dancing dirty)!
"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake!"
 Brittaney - Human Resources , age 25

my-boss-thinks-Im-too-sexyThe Course that Victoria designed is extraordinary and exceeded my expectations as a participant. I went in to this course just hoping to lose some weight and learn some new dances, I have gotten so much more from this course! This course has taught me to cook and eat delicious healthy food. It is also working to help me have a better relationship with food vs. emotional/stress eating.

Another component of this class that is priceless in my opinion, is the confidence and the gratitude portion that you get from journaling and the optional books that V recommends. The support that you get from V and fellow participants helps you to stay on track. I have not been perfect with this challenge, but still lost weight. V is so supportive and motivates you to focus on your successes with the program versus yours "mess ups"! Her unconditional acceptance of your efforts during the process encourages you to not give up on yourself.

Ladies, I strongly recommend you take this course, the investment in yourself is worth it!

Alesha- social worker, age 33

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