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While we may have “fitness” in our name, we specialize in pole dance and feminine movement. Created with the “everyday” woman in mind, our classes are suitable for women of ALL sizes, shapes, and ages. We can teach ANYONE so don’t be shy!


Afraid of commitment? Workshops are a “purrfect” way to check out the studio. These one-time classes are designed for all fitness levels and cover a wide range of useful and sexy skills.


For over 10 years, PoleKittens has provided the hottest Girls Night Out parties in Cincinnati! We make you the star! Our professional and qualified instructors will ensure that EVERYONE  has an amazing and empowering experience.

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This program could not have come at a better time for me. Everything it is comprised of is what I needed to get back to me!

I've had Thyroid problems for almost 5 years in May, 2015 my thyroid was finally removed. I saw my doctor the first week of December and she says, "There is something different about you, you seem confident." I was wearing my "backpack". She also gave me the good news that my TSH, T4, and T3 levels were finally in normal range for the first time in years! I attribute this and lesser anxiety to the meal plans, recipes, and workouts. (more…)

Tyesha Finance, age 27

I’ve never been into diet or fitness. For most of my life that wasn’t a problem – until I hit my 40’s. The pounds piled on & I knew I was horribly out of shape. I was always intimidated by gyms & fitness classes. Some folks would probably call my pickiness "extreme" when it comes to food – and that made every diet out of the question for me. But I knew I had to do something though. Then I ran across the LBD Challenge on Facebook. It piqued my interest & thought “Hey, why not?!?” If I can do this, anyone can!


Jennie Executive Director of a non-profit agency , age 46
When I started the ECDD series in early November, I was just looking to maintain & hopefully even lose weight through the holiday season. I set a moderate goal because hey, who doesn't gain a few pounds during Christmas? But after starting the series & becoming more cognizant of the food I was eating, the food choices I was making became more of a lifestyle change than a simple diet. Straightforward meal plans and recipes in addition to quick workouts I can do in my living room added to the ease of making and maintaining this change.


Brittaney Human Resources , age 25

The Course that Victoria designed is extraordinary and exceeded my expectations as a participant. I went in to this course just hoping to lose some weight and learn some new dances, I have gotten so much more from this course! This course has taught me to cook and eat delicious healthy food. It is also working to help me have a better relationship with food vs. emotional/stress eating.


Alesha Social Worker, Age 33
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We sell life-changing, body-shaping, soul-quaking, booty-shaking, confidence-building "ME" time.

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It is officially boot season!! These lace-up beauties are purr-fect for our new FloorWork classes! Plus, the side corset feature makes them easily adjustable for all body types. Heel Height: 6″ Color: black Sizes: 5-11 (no half sizes) Price: $89.95* Order [HERE] *Please note: All “Shoe of the Month” orders must be made by the […]


The LITTLE BLACK DRESS Challenge starts Monday, November 6th! Our step-by-step, 6-week transformation program for women will get you not only wearing that dress, but owning it by New Years Eve!! Our program includes a clean meal plan, fat-torching workouts, empowering sensual dance tutorials and daily inspirational emails chock full of tips to get you eating clean and dancing […]


We make feeling sexy simple! If you can stand up straight and count to four then you can dance sexy. Sensual Movement is about liberating yourself, releasing your inhibitions and connecting with your body on an entirely new level. You will learn a slow and seductive routine that includes wall and chair moves making it […]

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