Welcome to PoleKittens-old

We Know Why You’re Here…

Pole “fitness” studios have come and gone but PoleKittens has stood the test of time. A pioneer in the recreational pole dancing movement, PoleKittens was Ohio’s first studio and remains one of the oldest and most respected in the industry for one simple reason:

We know what women want.

trio2You want to feel sexy. You want to evoke your seductive side and feel comfortable in your own skin. You want to learn the seamless, seductive exotic flow that oozes confidence and attracts spellbound gazes. You want to harness the untapped energy of your inner-vixen because, when wielded correctly, you know that can be a dangerously delicious power to possess. At PoleKittens, we can help you do all of this… and more than you ever imagined.

You’re not taking a peek at PoleKittens just because you want to get fit…you can do push-ups at home. You’re considering us because you want to learn to dance for yourself, or maybe to dance for someone else. You want to learn to love what you see in the mirror and push boundaries. You want to do something bold, daring, and devilishly unpredictable. You want, if only for an hour a week, to step into a sleek, boudoir-esque atmosphere to do something for yourself.

super invertAt PoleKittens, the focus is not on the short-lived, unsexy “pole fitness” craze. Our specialty is expert instruction in the artful craft of exotic dance, making use of a steamy combination of sensual dance movements and pole tricks. Through our carefully-crafted curriculum, you will achieve superior levels of mastery over your body that “pole fitness” studios cannot duplicate.

Yes, you will get fit. You will make lasting friendships, learn new skills and gain self-confidence…but you can do that at any gym. You’re exploring the possibility of PoleKittens because you are of that special, daring breed of women who wants more. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to PoleKittens.