There is a strong, unapologetically sexy, beautiful woman inside you.

All too often, she gets buried under kids, work, school and family obligations but she is in there. We will show you how to reconnect with her.

In the endless sea of diet and fitness programs, Six Weeks to Sexy stands alone, like a pair of six inch stilettos in a room full of sneakers.

More "sensei of sexy" than a personal fitness trainer, V personally guides you on a carefully crafted journey to becoming a strong, sexy and beautiful badass in your own right.

V's program is ground-breaking because it focuses on the three "F"s:


Eating does not have to be a struggle. The "Eat Clean. Dance Dirty." Recipe Book features a clean, whole foods meal plan that is delicious and easy to follow.

Having maintained an 80 pound weight-loss for the last 12 years, V will show you how real food, combined with mindful eating, can completely change your relationship with food!


Fitness can be fun! You will learn a new way to workout, a new way to move in your beautiful body as you discover the beauty, grace and strength that comes from pole dance. This exclusive edition of our Beginner Pole 101 series is suitable for all fitness levels. We will teach you how to climb, spin, dance and strut ...in heels!

Learning to dance for yourself is one of the most empowering things a woman can do. Our program was carefully created to train you to "tap in" to that mind/body connection without feeling self-conscious.



OWN YOUR SEXY. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and be comfortable in her own skin. Positive and lasting change doesn't start at the gym or in the kitchen, it begins with your "me" time.

These classes are a delightful fusion of body weight exercises, sexy dance moves and empowering life lessons, all designed to nourish your mind, body and soul.




Six Weeks to Sexy teaches you to effectively silence that "mean girl" that resides inside every women's head and how to love yourself unconditionally.

In just six weeks, you will lose weight, gain strength and develop healthy, sustainable habits.


Most of all, you will walk away with an unshakeable sense of inner worth and self confidence.



Your 6 week session includes:

  • Pole 101
  • High Heels 101 workshop
  • The Eat Clean & Dance Dirty Recipe Book
  • 42 Days of Weekly Meal Plans - includes Weekly Print-and-Go Grocery Lists!
  • A supportive private FB group with other participants
  • Daily Inspirational Emails to keep you going
  • Personal Coaching by V


Cost: 199.00

Special: 225.00 - and your heels are included!

- Payment plans are available [HERE]


Combined with the support of your fellow kittens, our program seamlessly fits into your busy lifestyle. You’ll lose weight and gain new friends by joining a sexy sisterhood of supportive women!





 Monday: March 5th at 8:00pm