Cincinnati’s Original Pole Party

Let the party begin!

Our PoleKittens studio parties are the hottest parties in Cincinnati! Quit going to the bars and clubs where the same thing happens every weekend. Spice up your girls’ night out with a pole party!
PoleKittens pole dancing parties are perfect for:

  • Bachelorette parties
  • Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Going Away parties
  • Homecomings
  • Holidays
    ... or just a Saturday night!

You want to feel sexy, and you feel comfortable around your friends. What better way to learn how to pole dance than with your girlfriends? You’ll be talking about this party for years!

Here’s how a PoleKittens party works:

  • Call up your girlfriends – invite up to 10 friends to meet at our studio.
  • Wear the proper dancing outfit – come dressed in a tight-fitting top, and comfortable bottoms.
  • Start learning basic pole moves – with the cheering and support from your friends, you’ll be ready to take on more challenging moves.
  • Learn a special and exciting pole routine – we know you’ll love it!
  • Put on a show – each party member will perform their own routine with an audience of close friends.
  • Dress up for a group photo – everyone will put on their props for a fun and memorable party photo.

Our studio provides an encouraging, exciting atmosphere where your friends can really let loose and have fun. If someone in your party is timid or self-conscious, our professional and qualified instructors will ensure that she’ll have an amazing and empowering experience.

Cost: 250.00 This price is for up to 10 girls. You may have more girls, but it is an additional 20.00 for each person over the original 10. For example, a party with 15 participants would cost 350.00. The most popular party times are shown on the studio schedule. Choose the day,time and studio that works for you by putting down a “non-refundable” 100.00 deposit then you’re ready to party at PoleKittens!

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