Progression Series

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PoleKittens Fitness is proud to announce that we will be unveiling the highly-anticipated PoleKittens Series schedule beginning in January. In this exciting new format, classes will be taught in 4-week blocks whereby students can advance, level by level, in pursuit of becoming the ultimate AlphaKitten.
The PoleKittens Series method offers marked benefits over our previous scheduling model, which include:

  •  Enhanced retention of movement, muscle memory, and skill-set building due to more regular attendance
  •  A more streamlined curriculum, capitalizing on skills previously acquired and building strength for future levels
  •  A greater sense of class camaraderie, more attuned instructor support, and greater individualized attention

However, those classes you’ve grown to love aren’t going away. By contrast, they now become the ideal complement to the Series format. In addition to your regularly scheduled PoleKittens Series class, you may opt to sign up for the classes you’ve become accustomed to (which will now be called Anytime Classes) to supplement your repertoire, advance more quickly, or simply to get that extra PoleKittens time you crave.

Pricing for the PoleKittens Series and our Anytime Classes will be as follows:
PoleKitten Levels 2-9 Sessions:
All levels are taught in 4-week sessions.
125.00 – 4 sessions (Early bird pricing: 100.00)
Anytime Fitness Classes:
All classes are 25.00 or 1 deduction from your package. Our packages are:
25.00 – single class
45.00 – 2 classes (22.50 each)
100.00 – 5 classes (20.00 each)
180.00 – 10 classes (18.00 each) – best value!

If you have any questions about the new format, please call or email us. PoleKittens looks forward to helping you better harness your strength, more efficiently channel your energy, and witnessing your transformation as you become even more of a force to be reckoned with.